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Dec 9, 2013 12:35am EST
, and with the pentagon. this country it's included downing street, the cabinet office, the national security advisor, gchq themselves, and the dinas committee. we've consulted more than 100 times with the agencies in order to be aware of their concerns before we published them. >> and so i suppose my question is, have you gone through all of the 53,000 documents? and have some been excluded from publication? will they not be appearing. have others been put in the yes, okay for publication? >> i think -- in terms of publishing documents, i think we've published 26. >> i'm referring to the ones which have not yet been. >> we did a few more pages of documents that have been redacted. i would not expect us to publish a huge amount of more. 26 over six months. >> what about the ones that have been communicated to the united states. because i understand some of those, the names have been redacted and some of them haven't. how did you go about deciding which names to redact and which not -- >> let's be clear, the guardian has not used any names. in the rare occasion where we've used individual slides from
Dec 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
that the fbi with the nsa, the national security council and the pentagon. it is this country that is included to street, the cabinet office, national security adviser. so we have consulted on more than 100 times with the agencies . >> have you gone through the 53,000 documents and will they not be appearing to the publication? >> as i said, we have in terms published documents. i think we've published 26. and we've published a few more individual pages, which have been good. i would not be inspecting a to be published in a huge more amount of documents. >> and what about the ones which have been communicated to the united states? i understand some of the names of the redact did in some of it hasn't. how did you go about deciding which aims to be redacted? let's be clear about this. "the guardian" has not use names. there's the rare occasion where we use individual flag from documents, which has names on it. we absolutely redact today. it has been said we use names. we didn't use names. >> i asked when you communicated that document in the united states and in some cases and documents you did
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2